Summer Hockey

Florida Sunshine Cup Las Vegas Sin City CupBattery Elite/ gold Summer

Our Summer Hockey season runs from May 1st - August 1st, 2023. Each team will compete against very high level competition from around the United States. This Summer we will travel to Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, & Boston* (*2007 - 2003) for Tournaments during the off-season. Our teams have athletes from Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New Brunswick, Ontario, & Czech Republic. We will be filling Elite (AAA) 2015 - 2002 teams & Gold AAA/AA) 2015 - 2002 teams. If you are interested in playing on our Spring/Summer 2021 teams please fill out the "Battery Elite/Gold Summer" button above.
-4 Tournaments & 10 Practices
-Jerseys & Socks, AAA Level Coaching

Battery Vacation Series
In addition to our Summer hockey season we also offer our Battery Vacation Series. We will take a AAA, AA, & A team to Las Vegas & Florida this summer. You can participate in both or choose your city of choice. Teams will be picked in November. Please fill out the application above.

TCS Sin City Tournament (Las Vegas)
April 2nd - 4th, 2021
- 3 practices
- Jersey & Socks
- Guaranteed 4 games

TCS Florida Sunshine Cup
June 25th - 27th, 2021
- 3 practices
- Jersey & Socks
- Guaranteed 4 games

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