RapidShot is the first scientifically based, systematic shooting system. It provides feedback immediately posted on the overhead computer screen, with details on every shot regarding accuracy, speed, and reaction time. Score cards are available on-line, and on the RapidShot app. This makes RapidShot an exceptional learning and analytics tool that is self-motivating; many players call it "addicting".


Shoot 2 Score

This class will master the skills needed to perfect your shot. Our elite coaching staff will work with you to enhance accuracy, reaction time, shooting form and speed. Our RapidShot will track all of your shooting analytics and provide us with measurable skill development.

$210 6-week session

Off-Ice Circuit Training

Our off-ice circuit training focuses on advanced stick-handling and shooting development. We use analytical measurements to advance and diagnose individual skill development. Each station serves a specific purpose that focus on important skills to develop your game.

$240 6-week session

RapidShot Rental

The RapidShot is the most advanced training machine of its kind. You will have the ability to shoot up to 800 pucks an hour while it tracks your reaction time, accuracy, and technique. Each time you step into the RapidShot you will track your progress and compare your development.

$100/hour (call to reserve)

Private Shooting Lessons

Our professional staff will work with your athlete under the direction of our advanced shooting curriculum. Each private session will guarantee personal development with every part of your shot.

$40/Athlete (Max of 2 athletes)

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